Imitation Hardware – Industrial Metal Wall Organizer

I love Restoration Hardware. I feel comfortable and cozy surrounded by neutral woods mixed with industrial metals and soft linen. I  also love bright colors and bold patterns scattered around. So I suppose my decorating style would be RH meets anthropologie. However, I can’t really afford to shop at either store, so I am always on the lookout for pieces that mimic those styles. Anytime I find something or am able to make it myself, I call it “imitation hardware.”

This line of wall organizers from RH baby and child are exactly what I imagine for my boys’ room.

industrial 3-bin wall shelf

industrial 3-bin wall shelf

industrial storage chest

industrial storage chest

industrial metal wall organizer

industrial metal wall organizer

They are on a great sale now, but even so, the prices range from $59 to $239. Fortunately, this industrial metal style is becoming ever more popular and available from Cost Plus to Hobby Lobby to Etsy. This week at TJMaxx Homegoods, I found this great book storage unit for $20.


The comparable one from RH is $95. It’s not as good of quality, to be sure, but it’s good enough for me. I hung it in the room and now have a cute little reading corner. Since Jacob just upgraded to bunkbeds, it is becoming harder to read with him in bed (especially for dad.) I think this spot will become a favorite not only for bedtime, but for quiet times and alone times.

photo-19                         photo-39



It also leaves a lot of fun wall space to fill up with more IH finds. I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Imitation Hardware – Industrial Metal Wall Organizer

    • Thanks so much! They really love reading there. I also really like finding things at Cost Plus World Market that seem to be in the same vein as RH styles.

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