Dining room makeover – layer 1 – Paint

Paint color is a lot like food to me. If I walk into a room and the paint “tastes” good on my eyes, I feel satisfied (and often find that I also breathe in really deeply. Weird.) If I don’t like it, I have noticed that I involunatrily scrunch up my nose like I smell something gross. So the paint color in my dining room is expecially important. I am not known for my culinary genius, so I at least want something appetizing in our dining room!

I debated between gray and blue for the dining room for awhile. Gray is safer to me, but also would blend in with the table. So I went with blue, to make the table stand out. Turquoise and other green-blues are very popular right now, and I do like those colors. But I really wanted to go with a truer blue. I thought of it as an ice blue.

Popular green blues

Popular green blues

Ice blue color inspiration

Ice blue color inspiration

After looking at a bunch of paint chips (and other ‘inspirational’ things lying around the house) I went to Lowe’s and got a $3 sample of Valspars “Pale Flowers.” By the way, paint samples are a great idea. Not only does it help you see the real color in your house, but if it doesn’t work out on the wall, it’s a lot of paint for crafting and DIY projects! But up on the wall, the “Pale Flowers” looked a little too bright and greenish. I also had a paint sample of Restoration Hardware’s “Atmostphere.” But up on the wall, that looked too dark and purplish! Soooo, I could start over, or I could just mix them together. Which I did, until I liked it. Then I painted some on a piece of paper and had the hardware store match it. Et viola! My blue.

Restoration Hardware Atmosphere Blue

Valspar Pale Flowers

Valspar Pale Flowers

Final Product!

Final Product!

The blue is perfect. It makes the white molding pop, highlights the table, and even makes the yellow toned piano look fantastic. Even though I don’t have curtains or dining chairs, I “shopped” around my house and found enough things to fill the piano wall.

dining room 2


dining room 2

dining room 3

piano 1

Paint changes a room, so it’s so incredibly important. But it’s also risky. Get samples, try it on, and see what you like. But it’s worth it. Because when I walk downstairs every morning, I walk into the dining room, take a deep breath and smile.


2 thoughts on “Dining room makeover – layer 1 – Paint

  1. Voila! A fun and meaningful transformation has begun! You do great work Emily in every way. I loved your thoughts on mentoring in your last blog too. Love you!

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