Applesauce popsicles – an unexpected win!


I’m sure millions of mothers across the country already know this, but applesauce popsicles are amazing. My son and I stumbled upon this as a happy accident.


Ikea CHOSIGT Ice pop maker

We have these little popsicle makers from Ikea (only $2!!). Seattle does not have very popsicle friendly weather most of the time, so we barely used them when we lived in Washington. But the other day as I was putting away dishes, Jacob spotted them on the top shelf of our cabinets and asked if we could make popsicles. I’m always up for an easy activity with him, so I said yes. We aren’t really juice people and we didn’t have any around, but I’m not above making water popsicles. I’m not sure Jacob would have cared anyways! As I looked in our fridge, I saw a neglected bottle of applesauce way in the back. Applesauce is one of those food that I know is good for my kids so I buy it, but always choose against serving it when given the opportunity because it’s just so messy. I will always just give them an apple instead. “Let’s try it!” I thought. We did the easy steps of filling the popsicle forms (I used a funnel for Jacob’s sake but it went s.l.o.w.l.y. and was probably unnecessary.) Then we let them freeze overnight.



Nice face, buddy. Nice runny nose too.


Putting in the sticks

I knew it would work, technically. I knew they would freeze. But I thought that they would melt really quickly and basically be a mess of applesauce all over his shirt in five minutes. But it stayed frozen the whole time he ate it, outside in the sun, for over fifteen minutes! Things I love:

-He thinks they are a treat

-Since it is a little pulpy I think they do actually fill him up a little bit as opposed to just juice

– It uses up our applesauce

Like my sister says, it’s a win-win-win. We can’t wait to make more!

photo_3 photo_8


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