Last minute Easter decorations

I wanted to have a beautiful Easter dinner table waiting for my family on Sunday. There are lots of great inspirations out there.

yellow table setting

Yellow flowers centerpiece via Southern Living

red and blue easter

Red and Blue Easter via Better Homes and Gardens

Yellow and Blue Table Setting via Jones Design Company

Yellow and Blue Table Setting via Jones Design Company

My vision was to have the fabric decoupage eggs sitting on little nests on colored glass plates, on top of my white dinnerware. I found pink colored glass plates at the Pottery Barn Outlet but even on sale they were about $8 each.

Pottery Barn Pink Estate Glass Plates

Pottery Barn Pink Estate Glass Plates

So, that went out the window. Hello, clear glass plates I already have. I also really want to have fabric napkins for events like this, but they are also expensive and probably things I will have to buy one a month until I have a full set. I’m thinking of very neutral ones, like these hemstitch ones from Pottery Barn. (I’m really all about Pottery Barn lately huh?) But I also would love brightly colored ones for fun occasions like Easter. OR black and white striped, but those are proving difficult to find. I might have to make my own. Regardless, I didn’t have cloth napkins in time for Easter. So, paper napkins it was.


However, nests were a non-negotiable. I really wanted them. I first went to Hobby Lobby and found perfect little ones for $1.50 each. HL always has 50% sales, and so even though they were a good price, I didn’t want to pay that much when I knew that at some point they would be $.75 each. Plus I had to get 15 and that adds up. I then went to Michaels, where I found teensy tiny ones for $3 each! Bleh. I came home Saturday night empty handed, wracking my brain for some way to make 15 nests with what I already had. I even contemplated going out and gathering a bunch of pine needles and seeing if I could glue them together somehow, but quickly realized that dirt and bugs on the Easter table was a little TOO authentically spring.

When all else fails, burlap. Am I right? I feel like you can do anything with burlap. Need a wreath? Burlap. Need curtains? Burlap. Tablecloth? Burlap. Bag? Burlap! I bet my sister could even come up with a cute burlap dress or something. I have a bunch of coffee bags so I got one out and brainstormed. This is what I did:

Burlap Nests

Burlap Nests

It was so easy, so fast and so free. All I needed was burlap, scissors and a glue gun. I had some actual burlap fabric from the store, but I found the coffee bags worked better because they had a bigger weave.


1. Cut the burlap into strips, about 2″ by 13″.


2. Find one string that’s up about 3 or 4. Follow it until you find it on the other side as well.


3. Pull it out a little bit on each side. If you only pull it from one side, sometimes I can just pull all the way out.

4. Continue to pull on each side until the burlap is ruffled.


5. Bend it around to make a circle and glue the ends together. Trim the stringy things hanging off.




They give the allusion of a nest and fast. I especially love projects you can do mindlessly in front of the TV. And I don’t have to be fragile with them – if Jacob wants to play with them, no problem. They would also be really cute on a burlap wreath with some eggs or flowers glued on.


And just in case you didn’t see it, here is what my Easter place settings ended up looking like:

Easter place setting

When the real nests go half-off at Hobby Lobby, I will probably buy them for next year. But these little guys turned out great in a pinch! Fabric and glue guns! What would I do without you?


One thought on “Last minute Easter decorations

  1. Hi Emily, I UNDERSTAND! I moved to Birmingham, Alabama from Southern California (then back to SoCal) and you are describing me to a T! I found myself just existing. Lived there 2 years .. cried almost everyday .. choosing joy was huge. Letting God’s love sustain me was huge. I can go on and on – message me if you need a sounding board!
    Molly (Grace’s sister) šŸ™‚

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