My favorite shade of blue

I realize that title sounds like I am going to wax eloquent about some kind of sadness or mourning…but this post is literally about my favorite shade of the color blue. At least right now.  I never thought I would be a blue person in decorating. It always seemed country or too traditional. But that all changed last year.

We were still in Seattle and I had just painted my living room “Graphite” by Restoration Hardware. I didn’t love it, because in that room with the lighting we had, it looked a tinge purple. However, I have painted my living room here in Atlanta the same color, and it is perfect. I blame the difference in sunlight waves at the various latitutes. Anyways, I was sitting in my purpley-gray living room in Seattle thinking about an accent color. I had just given away all of my red-brown-gold-turquoise asian decor from our wedding days and was ready to start over. ‘Yellow? Maybe. Not red, or green. Blue? Hmmm, maybe blue.’ And then, Phil walked in, in a gloriously beautiful blue Sounders jersey. The way it played off the gray was perfect. So that was it. I was off to find pillows, decor, anything, that was this shade of blue.


I personally call it peacock blue, but if you search “peacock blue” in Pinterest, you get a lot of different colors. The color I was specifically looking for was greener than indigo, and bluer than teal.

It was not easy to find.

In fact, I never finished decorating that room because I could never find the right color blue. I resigned myself to buying scrapbook paper in the right color and framing it. However, once I moved to Atlanta I began to find it more and more. Now, a year and a half in of searching for ‘my favorite shade of blue’, here’s what I have found…


1. Fabric from Joann and a little flower I made out of it. Find a great tutorial here. I think my plan is to pin some of these flowers on the gray and white striped pillows.

2. The ribbon that wrapped around the pillows from TJMaxx (no.3). Part of the reason I bought them.

3. Pillows from TJMaxx, two for $20. They are not the best quality, but I think I might rip open one of the seams and put in a down pillow form from Ikea and sew it back up.

4. Soap from Cost Plus. It doesn’t really have a place in the family room, but it’s nice to have something small to carry around when I’m shopping for fabric or something.

5. Nate Berkus towels from Target. These were only carried for a short time, but at least I grabbed two while they existed. Again, no place for them in the family room, but I still love the color for the boys’ baths.

6. Candle from Target from last year’s Christmas line.

7. Switchplate covered in scrapbook paper

8. My mom’s old college trunk.

9. Bottle from Hobby Lobby

I also found fabric to cover the lampshade (that now has the ribbon wrapped around it) and CostPlus just came out with some chairs in the right color!  The fabric is on its way…the chairs will have to wait.

Premier Prints Barber

Premier Prints Barber

Cost Plus Lorna Chair

Cost Plus Lorna Chair

Do you have a ‘perfect color’ you look for that is hard to find?


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