Happy Birthday Mom! (and a rolled paper flower tutorial)

My wonderful mom turns 60 on Wednesday. Funny how that used to sound so old, huh? The closer I get, the younger it sounds. I hope I get her good genes though – if I look as good as she does at 60, I will be happy.


Family picture after the party

My dad threw her a surprise birthday party after church yesterday and my sister Jennie and I were in charge of decorating. My dad went to Party City with a list of “acceptable colors” from us. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any of them, and he called us several times from the store to troubleshoot. It would have been annoying if it weren’t so cute. (“JUST PICK A COLOR DAD! IT WILL BE FINE!”)

We ended up with pink and black. Classic, feminine, and just a little nod to mom’s mortality (just kidding). Jen and I did’t have a lot of time, or money, to decorate eight tables, so we came up with a very beautiful, relatively fast, and cost-effective solution – Rolled paper flower centerpieces.

ImageI am a big fan of giving credit where it is due, and I did not come up with this idea by any means. I found it at this blog a few years ago:


If you get a chance, read this blog. Emily is sweet, honest, humble, a good mom and a good business woman. She also throws amazing baby showers for her sister, my friend, which I have been privileged to attend several times.

Anyways, I was not planning on doing a tutorial about these since there are many out there, but I got enough people asking about them on Facebook that I whipped out my scissors and glue gun this morning to make one more while I take pictures. My 4-year-old helped me. (Gotta love a crafting kid!) Get ready for something really easy.


My sweet helper

First, cut whatever paper you want into a circle. It works best if it is double-sided, since you will see both sides. If you have paper with a design on only one side, I have found that you see the design more if it is on the inside of the flower.

Cut the circle into a spiral. If you cut it thin, it will be more to roll and the flower will be shorter. If you cut it thick, it is less rolling and the flower will be really tall. It all depends on your preference. Like any DIY, it takes a few time to figure out what you like.


Start rolling the flower from the end. Again, I like to roll with the design on the interior.


Once the flower is all rolled up, you come to the center. Put a blog of hot glue, try not to burn yourself, and you are done!




Soon the glitter turned into “snow” for him to play in with his trucks. I love boys.

From here, you can do lots of things. I have put the on baby shower invitations before. I had to hand deliver them all because they didn’t fit into envelopes, but they were beautiful.


For my mom’s party, I took 20 gauge florist wire, bent one end, and glued it to the bottom of the flower. I would have liked thicker wire but it wasn’t as cost affective for 100 flowers. Then I put 8 or so in a mason jar and filled the bottom with rocks. The jars and the rocks were just what I had lying around, but the worked well.


That’s it! Oh, and one more surprise. My brother bought her a new car.





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