Imitation Hardware – Vintage Army Officer Desk

On a rare childless date last week, my husband and I went to a huge antique store in Roswell, GA (Canton Street Antique Market). It is not the kind of store Phil loves being in, but it was our anniversary so he humored me.

Before I go on, I have a little bone to pick with some of you “antique” dealers. A beat up chair from Ikea is not a “rustic antique painted chair” worth $50. It’s a new chair, worth $20, that you probably dropped a few times.  I am surprised by how often I recognize art, or furniture, or fabric, from other sources pawned off as “antique.” But at the same time, if some rich lady wants to buy Target print for $200 from an antique dealer instead of $50 from Target, I guess it’s a way to make a living. Just be honest about the source. Ok, I’m done.

Anyways, as we walked from bay to bay, our eyes both fell on two army officer desks. One was set up, and one was put together. Because they are desks that had to be brought into the field, they fold up really neatly and compactly with handles. Maybe because it was our anniversary, or maybe me wearing high heels has an affect on him, but Phil was drooling over these desks as much as I was. As any savvy shopper would, we looked them up on Ebay to make sure they were priced as well as we thought. The cheapest we could find them online was twice as much as these were, so we decided it was a good deal. I was giddy all day waiting to get them home. I set one up in the boys’ playroom, and my 4-year-old colored for over an hour on it. That in itself is success. The other success is how much I love they way they look.


Both tabletops set up, during playtime (i.e. legos everywhere)

Both tabletops set up, during playtime (i.e. legos everywhere)

photo-001 photo_3-001

Although RH doesn’t have something that looks just like this, vintage, rustic-looking furiniture has been popular for awhile and this desk looks like it’s right out of a catalog.


Restoration Hardware baby and child vintage locker desk

I love it so much. I opened the other desk and set the table top on the other side of the drawers to make two desks. The additional drawers are now being used as a side table in another room.  The posters are just $4 each a Paper Source. They are actually wrapping paper. Who would cut such beautiful things?


Additionally, Jacob started school today, so the timing was great. It was fun to give him a desk as a big boy present. Happy first day of school, Jacob! And Happy anniversary, me.


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