Nursery Design Boards – Gender surprise!

My sister is expecting her third child in October. Her first is a girl and her second is a boy, so she and her husband thought it would be fun to keep the gender of #3 a surprise. I told her I don’t think I would ever do that because for me, the most fun part of expecting a baby is dreaming about and decorating the nursery.

So my sweet sister decided to let me have fun.

She gave me the envelope from the ultrasound technician, and as of today I am the only person who knows if babe is a boy or a girl. I haven’t let it slip once!

Now I am busy planning and designing her baby’s nursery. For her baby shower, people brought money designated for a specific item (pillow, curtain, crib sheet) and then I went out and bought it. Once Jennie heads to the hospital, I will go put the entire nursery together so she comes home to a beautiful, new room.

There are some things she knows, of course. For one, I needed a room color. Also, she has all white furniture. I chose Perfect Taupe by Behr and cut it by 50% with white to brighten it up. It’s a great color – not too tan and not too gray. Also, it doesn’t look purple at all, which I find taupe tends to do. All of the linens are white. This is my blank canvas.

Behr Perfect Taupe

Behr Perfect Taupe

As far as colors go, Jennie said she would love the main color to be coral/nantucket red (coral for a girl, nantuket red for a boy). They are essentially the same color, although coral is a little more pink. After a bit more talking, we decided we would base the entire nursery on the SanPellegrino drinks that she loves so much! That’s right, a soda can. Inspiration can come from anywhere!

The boy nursery is based around the Blood Orange drink. A little more red, with blues, lots of linen and burlap, and a hint of yellow. The girl nursery is based around the Lemonade – coral, lots of yellows, with some mint and forest green mixed in.

So I present today the two design boards I made (from They are not exactly what the finished product will be (I have a few surprises up my sleeve), but I wanted Jennie to at least be able to see, and dream, about the general feel of the room. Here they are!

Baby Boy Nursery

Baby Boy Nursery

Baby Girl Nursery

Baby Girl Nursery

What’s your vote?


One thought on “Nursery Design Boards – Gender surprise!

  1. Mama is leaning on girl. But both uncles definitely think boy! It’s such a fun surprise for us and I love that you have the only dibs on this early bonding with my little girl or boy! I love you.

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