A cupcake and SanPellegrino Brunch

Last Saturday was my sister’s baby shower. She is keeping the gender a secret (she doesn’t even know!) so I had to come up with a fun, gender-neutral shower. Jennie has been drinking San Pellegrinos pretty consistently throughout her pregnancy, so not only did we base her nursery on the drink, I decided on a cupcake and SanPellegrino Brunch for her shower. The colors – coral, yellow, light blue- were really fun to use, and I used a watercolor theme on her invitations as well as the banner.


Water color invitation

Water color invitation

water color invitation

water color cupcake

Paper Source Persimmon envelopes

Paper Source Persimmon envelopes


1003399_10103224603934729_259928654_n 9939_10103224603755089_1838460020_n


One of my favorite things about the shower, although I didn’t get a good picture of it, was the nursery tree. Because the baby is a surprise, people couldn’t buy girly or boyish things. So instead of bringing presents, people could bring money and clip it to a tag explaining what it was for (a pillow, curtains, etc). The tags were hung from the “nursery tree” by the presents.


Nursery tree

I also had a display board with the two designs for the boy and the girl nursery, along with names Jennie and Chris are considering.photo_2-001 photo_1 photo_2 photo_3


After years of being away during Jennie’s pregnancies, I was so blessed to be able to throw a party for her. It was a perfect day full of celebrating Jennie and her baby.


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