Maps are one of my favorite things to frame as art. They are inexpensive, meaningful, and really beautiful. My brother and dad are building a log cabin that I get to decorate, and I envision two framed maps above the console table by the front door. One of Georgia, and one of Scotland. So I started looking. And God was gracious – I found this beauty:

Colliers world atlas and gazetteer

It was in an old antique store in Vinings, so it was not cheap. But as I flipped through the pages, not only did I find the two maps I needed (they even have the right color turquoise and orange!), but I also saw beautiful maps of states, countries, star constellations, and downtown road maps.






It was like a book of page after page of art. And each page is about 11″x 14″, a standard size for frames and mats (in a 16″ x 20″ frame). They are just ready to go, even if it did hurt my heart a little to cut up such a beautiful book.

I pulled out the two maps I needed and bought frames from Michaels at 50% off. Between the frame and the mat, these are huge, personalized pieces of art that cost around $30 each. I’m already thinking of other people to give them to as gifts. But I am left with a lot of maps. So if there is anyone in your life (or yourself!) that would love a beautiful map for Christmas, let me know! $15 each includes shipping and packaging ($12 without shipping, or $18 for priority mail). Add a frame (find really cheap ones at Ikea!) and you have gorgeous gift. Leave me a comment in the comment box to contact me regarding payment and shipping; first come, first serve 🙂



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