Radiant Orchid – a little goes a long way

This year’s color of the year as chosen by Pantone is “Radiant Orchid.” I’ve seen a lot of mixed opinions on the color, but I for one really like it. And for a girl who doesn’t like purple, that’s saying something.

Pantone Radiant Orchid

I find that January and February, while potentially good for setting goals, are very uninspirational as far as decorating goes. Christmas is over, spring is not yet.  It’s cold outside, but decorating for “winter,” without holiday touches, seems hard. So for this winter (by which I mean now until bright colors and fresh flowers will reign), I am adding a few touches of radiant orchid to my living room. The color is versatile enough that it can flow from winter to spring to summer to fall.  I have mostly peacock blues and grays in my living room, and I just added gold and brass metals along with my silver. Splashing a bit of radiant orchid was easy, and it looks really good.

radiant orchid

radiant orchid pillow

I got a pillow on clearance at Cost Plus World Market. I might go back and get another, but I’m hoping to find some really pretty “radiant orchid” fabric so I can make another pillow myself.

radiant orchid candle

The little candle is from Ikea and the flowers are from Michaels. I always prefer real flower to fake, but they are hard to come by in January. I do need to go back and get some more to fill out the vase, but it’s 5 degrees outside here so that will have to wait.



Fresh lilies from my sweet sister.

shelf display radiant orchid

I threw an old orchid stem I’ve had for ages up on this shelf along with my husband’s Christmas present (real glasses so he doesn’t have to serve his friends drinks in Ikea cups that have dolphins on them, and some bar tools.)


I think our living room looks fresh, and even a little bit winter-y. It’s cozy enough to cuddle up in front of the fire, but bright enough to help combat those winter blues.

Radiant orchid. What are your thoughts on the color?


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