Sweet Southern Nursery Design Board

It has been over six months since I posted an original post. In those six months, I have been to New York, Seattle, Dallas, Idaho Falls, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. We renovated a house and moved. We acquired a church property and renovated that entire building as well. My oldest started Kindergarten, my youngest started preschool. And I have been pregnant the whole time.

Needless to say it was a busy season. But apart from the busyness, I think I am going to blame my lack of creativity on my pregnancy hormones. I’m 37 weeks along, and although I’m tired, I think all my emotions and vitamins and hormones have leveled out. It feels good to once again be thinking up projects and creating beautiful things. Just in time to have a baby and have everything thrown up into the air again…

Happily, one of my high school friends is due at almost the exact same time as me and asked me to help out with her nursery. At the beginning of the project, I asked her to keep an eye out for something, anything, that inspired her. It could be something she thought was beautiful, something that made her feel peaceful, something meaningful from her childhood – I believe anything can be an inspiration. 

She came back and said she loved the dogwoods in her front yard and wondered if that was enough of a direction. I said absolutely. She lives in Chattanooga and is having a girl, so I came up with a girly, southern nursery. My thoughts were lots of whites, spring greens, a little bit of pink, floral, lace, and trying to incorporate some of the 1920’s qualities of their house.   

This project has been so much fun and there are many little DIYs that I will post about later. Some of the elements are a surprise for my friend, so I will wait until she sees the nursery first. For now, here is the original design board. More to come!


Green and Pink dogwood nursery

Green and Pink dogwood nursery




2 thoughts on “Sweet Southern Nursery Design Board

  1. Wow, Em. Your last 6 months sounds like mine…Full and fruitful. We just moved too. So excited to hear about the new baby coming. Love seeing your inspiration coming back. We will live in the church’s guest house for up to six months as we find where to buy or rent in our new hometown Canby OR. I will pay close attention to your blog as I gain new ideas for our new home. The pick and green is AWESOME!
    Love you. Karen Metsker

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