White Lattice Display Board

One thing I always think of when I imagine a classic southern house is a beautiful garden with ivy and flowers climbing up a white lattice trellis. For my friend’s southern nursery, I wanted to use white lattice somewhere and capture this feeling of a garden. A few options were to use it on the bottom half of the wall like panelling, but that was too time consuming and too visually bold for a nursery. Another option was to put it as an accent wall, maybe behind the sconces, which would have been beautiful, but also overwhelming and pretty permanent. I landed on a small, fun, portable (nurseries need to change sooner than most parents want them to!) way to incorporate lattice. With a little bit of work, mostly on the part of a great Home Depot employee, my friend now has a practical piece of art on which to display all those beautiful things that come with having a baby girl. 1-DSC_0111 The process itself was very simple. I went to Goodwill and bought a decent size piece of art for about $4. I picked it out for its size and frame, and took out the art and glass. The frame was a little beat up but I liked that look, and I knew I would be painting it white. IMG_2398 Next I went to Home Depot and bought the smallest piece of unpainted wooden lattice they had, which was still pretty big and cost about $13. I measured the inside of the frame and went to the cutting station. Unfortunately, they couldn’t put it through the electric saw because it has staples in it, so the poor employee had to cut it by hand. It probably took him 20 minutes, and I think he felt so bad making a pregnant woman wait that long that he didn’t even charge the cutting fee. In any case, it fit perfectly inside the frame. IMG_2363 When I got home, I first sanded any really rough spots on the lattice and hammered down the staples. It’s rough wood to begin with, so I would not suggest putting it where kids can reach it. But sanding it down took off any splinters and hammering the staples helped make it a little smoother. lattice project I rubbed down the frame with liquid sander to clean it, take off the sheen and help the paint stick better. I then put the lattice in the frame, stapled it in, and proceeded to paint. I used a paintbrush and white trim paint we already had for the first few coats. I wanted the paint to be thick, but it was hard to get really good coverage. So for the finishing coats I simply used white spray paint. That reached all the little nooks and crannies formed by the criss-crossing of the wood. lattice project3 That’s it! The paint dried, I used the picture wire that was already on the back, and we hung it. Baby girl is not born yet, but when she gets here, I anticipate the board being filled with pictures and cards and hair bows fit for a southern belle. 1-DSC_0117


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