Over ten years ago, God gave me a word. “Whatever you love doing, do it for me.” It was the most audible I had ever heard God speak to me. I held on to that word, testing it at every life change. I’m married now, should I be a good wife for You? I’m a nanny now, should I be a good nanny for You? I’m a mom now, should I be a good mother for You? Even though the answer to all of those is of course yes, I never felt at peace about what God said to me so long ago. It was so…vague.  Of course I will do things I love for You, Jesus.  But is that it? Is that all this word was for?

In mid 2012, my husband and I decided that through much prayer, prompting of the Spirit, words from our mentors, and vision in our hearts, that it was time to plant a church in Atlanta, Ga. I went to one last women’s retreat at our sending church in Seattle, Wa. One last amazing time with all of my friends before I went into this great unknown. And as I walked down the hotel hallway toward one session, I asked again, for what felt like the hundredth time, “What do I love doing God? What should I do for you?”

And this time, he answered.

“You love making houses beautiful.”

I really do. I love decorating, rethinking objects, being surrounded by physical beauty in the most intimate of places – your home. But in this answer was also something much more important. I was also to make His house beautiful.  This church that we plant…somehow I am to help make it beautiful.

So this blog is to chronicle this scary and yet amazing journey I have started down. Join me as I make my house beautiful, and strive to make the House of God even more so.



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